We are going to analyze and practice these following 11 shots in various pro matches.

1) Winning Ball Control - Don't lose control of the cue ball when shooting the last ball on the table.   Don't leave any chance of the cue ball scratching while shooting the money ball.

2)  2-Way "Cross Bank"  - If you try to pocket the 5 in the side, it is too thin of a cut, high chance of scratching and very low odds of getting shape on the next ball.  If you go for the corner pocket, it is likely that you will scratch and also a hard long shot.   Cross banks are actually fairly high odds and error to miss short with pocket speed for the built in safety.  The cross bank allows for natural shape.

3) 2-Way Bank Shot - Look at all options on the table and assess the cost, benefit and risk of each.  Will you be rewarded for a great shot by getting shape on the next ball?  Is there a built in safe?

4) Trouble in the Jaws - Watching this clip will also remind you that everyone misses - even pros! - A reminder that you can win no matter who you are playing!

5) Creative Safe - not every safe is obvious right away.  Use your creative mind.  Ask yourself if you tried various shots at different angles and speeds, what is the likelihood of getting safe.

6) Jaws Examination - How can you make this ball and get shape on the 6-ball?  Low with a little right english or go rail 1st, hit thin with left english and go 2 rails for position?  You must walk down and examine how deep this ball is in the jaws like Oscar does.

7) 2 Rail Classic - Would you shoot this with low outside english to come up the center of the table to get shape on the 8-ball or use low inside going 2 rails?   Normally we try to stay from inside english, but the cue ball wants to go into the rail at the angle where right is natural.   Using outside (left) will kill the cue ball off the rail.  With practice, this is an easy enough shot to execute.

8) Hide & Seek - There are a few safes to choose from, but putting distance between the balls AND hiding the cue ball is always the best!

9) Bump with Shape - If you are going to have to run into a ball, you better know where it is going.   Imagine the cue ball is coming from where it contacts the 5 and ask yourself where on the 8 it will hit and then what is it's path.  There is a danger that it will get caught behind the 7-ball so apply some right english.

10) Fancy Spin Through - He wanted about a half inch more angle so he could use high and come out towards the center of the table.  This beautiful fancy spin through shot (ring 1, 4:30) will give you shape on the 5.

11) Big Piece O' Pie - Usually we want to get closer (within 2-3 diamonds distance) for position on the next ball, but here it makes more sense to land in the big piece of the pie.  Note that the 2-ball is close to the pocket so it still wont' be a hard shot when there is a lot of distance between the cue ball and object ball.


Practice these bank shots with the cue ball coming from 3 different locations.  Remember that the side the cue ball cuts across the ball imparts throw and will affect how the object ball comes off the rail.   And your speed and english are also extremely important.